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  • Diocese You Are With
  • Designated Contact's Name
  • Third Party Hosting Information (if applicable)
  • Equipment Environment (Computer Make, Operating System, Browser Version, etc.)
  • Description of Problem/Issue
  • Which Module/Function/Process Was Being Used
  • Any Other Pertinent Information
    In our ongoing effort to provide exemplary service to the Diocese that are using the Canonical case management software package, Tribunal Systems has created a support portal to add, track and aid in the resolution of any issues that may arise. We ask that you use the support portal for any issues that you may have. When an issue is reported the portal automatically notifies all support personnel allowing the problem to be resolved as expeditiously as possible.

    Please use the Support Portal Login (below) to access the issue reporting option.

    If you do not have your login information please contact your Canonical Administrator for assistance.

    If your Diocese has not received / been assigned the login information please contact your Tribunal Systems representative.

    Please have the error / support request information available to include with your support request.

    The resolution duration of your support request will depend on the scope and time of day the request is made. Generally, we will resolve your support issue on the same day!

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    All Other Support
    If the support request regards online materials, demonstration or the demonstration portal please have all requested information available and email:

    OR Call:


    Thank You!